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Coconut Cookie Recipe : Red Electric Cooker

Coconut Cookie Recipe

coconut cookie recipe



The coconut is used as an offering to Gods in traditional Hindu Rituals. As part of the ritual, its anointed with vermillion and turmeric. The coconut is then hit on the ground to split it the water collected and the two pieces arranged next to the Gods(touches of vermillion are again applied on the spilt pieces). Some eat the fresh coconut as blessing others remove the coconut after a while and dry it in the Sun. The coconut warps as shown and is easy to remove as a whole half-coconut. It is then grated for use in cooking.

The Coconut Cake Recipe

The Coconut Cake Recipe

Ha ha ha ,
I never baked this cake. But it's is so lovely to remember the day that I wrote this recipe in my notebook. It was a very unusual and special Monday, when dear A had brought us some cakes that she had made herself. We ate cakes and drank coffee, while standing in front of an open window in a university hall.I loved its taste and she gave me the recipe, so I wrote it down.
I never baked it but it's lovely to have a coconut cake recipe in one of the sheets of your busy and seriously programed planner.

coconut cookie recipe

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